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Asphalt patching

Potholes and heavily gatored (severe cracking resembling alligator skin) areas of your asphalt are dangerous and problematic. If not repaired they can lead to even larger voids in your asphalt or broken and loose debris, which is unattractive and a hazard.

There are usually larger problems than just a pothole when one appears. This is a sign of problems with the subgrade, or drainage issues with your lot.

Water has seeped or risen as the case may be and washed out or shifted earth beneath the lot leaving depressions and the asphalt eventually sinks or breaks forming potholes. Depending on the condition of the lot we will use either cold patch or hot patch asphalt for repair of potholes and gatored areas.

Cold patch asphalt

or small potholes or gatored cracking we will usually use cold patch asphalt material, which can be applied in most temperatures year round. When applied and compacted properly cold patch asphalt will be just as strong and last as long as hot mix asphalt.

It is great for leveling depressions in your lot or driveway, small to medium potholes, other problematic areas of your lot and even filling some cracks. As with all patching proper preparation is important to the over all functionality of the patch.

Hot Mix Asphalt

In instances where the subgrade is deemed faulty and the reason for the broken surface,we will ‘remove and replace’ R&R, which involves a saw cut of at least 12” around the problem area,

removal of material at least 6” deep sometimes more depending on the problem, application of new subgrade material, compaction of new subgrade material then 2-3 inches of hot mix asphalt, and compaction of asphalt. When done properly the problem should not arise again.