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The number one way to spruce up your parking lot is to brighten up your lines. Your parking lot will stand out and be noticed. That is not to say that other maintenance is unimportant or not necessary, it is, however even a dingy and gray parking lot will attract traffic, appear safer, and project a more comfortable feel, if the lines are fresh and bright.

A typical parking lot should for safety, and for good appearance be re-striped every 2-3 years.

Here in Utah you may need re-striping every other year due to the freeze and thaw cycle or our seasons, and snowplow scraping during the winter.

A good striping layout will maximize space, direct traffic safely, guide pedestrian traffic, accommodate disabled and handicap customers, delineate fire lanes and non parking areas, clearly show traffic direction and improve overall safety in your parking lot or roadway.

At Great Basin Asphalt Maintenance, our striping division is one of our specialties. We started out as stripers and sealcoaters. We do it better than anybody else. We use professional quality long lasting traffic paint, that dries very fast and keeps a bright shine. Quality paint cannot be underestimated, you want your markings to maintain their brightness as long as possible and reduce tracking and fading.